Visa application

From the 17th of January to 17th of March, The French visa section is testing a new procedure to inform appliquants about the reason of their visa refusal

From the 25th October 2010, every appliquant living in the provinces of Gauteng, Kwazulu-Natal, Mpumalanga, Northwest, Free State and Lesotho is required to schedule an appointment before coming to apply.

Schedule an appointment online at:

The application files will be given at the CAPAGO South Africa’s counter
Inanda Greens Business Park, Wierda Gables building
Block B (ground floor)
98 Albertyn Avenue, CNR Katherine Street

To get more information, you can visit the website
And call
CAPAGO South Africa’s CALL CENTER at

+27 (0) 87 742 28 30

Or send your questions to

There is a fee for the scheduling of an appointment.

Nota Bene : Groups (from 8 people; school, sports, cultural, company groups... must take an appointment only in the afternoon with the Consulate. Make sure you take the appointment 10 days before the departure date.

General information

Cost of visas and visa issuing time
Type of visa Visa Fee Visa issuing time (working days)
Schengen Short Stay visa (less than 90 days) 60€ 7 days
Airport Transit visa 60€ 7 days
Visa (less than 90 days) for French territories called DOM* (except Reunion) 60€ 7 days
Visa (less than 90 days) for French Polynesia, Wallis et Futuna, TAAF, Saint Pierre et Miquelon, New Caledonia and Mayotte 9 € 15 days
Visa valid from 1 to 30 days for Reunion 60€ 7 days
Visa valid from 30 to 90 days for Reunion 60€ 15 days
Long Stay visa 99€ No fixed issuing time as it depends from the application

* Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyana, Saint Martin, Saint Barthélémy.

The issuing time are only indications and are to be applied only for South African people. For other nationalities, please contact the French Consulate.

Fees are to be paid in cash and in Rands.

Application Form

Click here to download the application form for a Schengen visa.

Types of Visa

- Short Stay Visa
- Long Stay Visa
- Visa DOM-TOM
Click here to know all the French territories.
- Visa for countries represented by the French authorities in South Africa.
The countries concerned are Togo and Djibouti.
- Diplomatic visa

Opening Hours

From Monday to thursday : 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm.
Phone number : 011 778 56 14
Fax number : 011 778 56 02
E-mail :

Providing all the documents required does not automatically mean that the visa will be issued.

You must bring the original and the copy of the documents for each file.
Visa fees will not be refunded whatever the outcome of the visa application.
Your passport must be valid at least 3 months after the date of your return.
Make sure there are 2 blank pages left in your passport (one to stick the visa and one for the stamps). The word "Visa" had to be written on top of these 2 pages.
You must bring pictures with the right size.

Schengen Visas

All the details given here only concern Short Stay visa (less than 30 days). For Long Stay visa, please contact the French Consulate.

The issuing of the Schengen visa is based on commom rules followed by 25 countries ( Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland).
A Schengen visa allows its holder to move freely in all the member states of the European Union who signed the Schengen agreement within the validity of the visa (from to 1 to 90 days valid for 6 months).

You must apply at the French Consulate (CAPAGO desk) if :
- you spend more time in France than in any other Schengen country during your trip,
- the duration of your trip in France is the same as in the other Schengen country(ies) and you enter France first.

Click here to know where you have to apply in South Africa.

South African temporary passports are no longer recognised by the French authorities, neither by Germany, Italy, and Benelux countries.

To download the list of the requirements, click here.

Types of visas

- Short Stay Visa :
It can be valid from 1 to 90 days for 6 months.
It can be a single or multiple entry visa.
Circulation visa : 90 days to spend every 6 months, during an overall period of 1 or 2 years.

- Airport transit Visa* :
South African passports holders do not need this visa as long as they stay in the international zone at the airport. For other nationalities, please contact the Consulate.

*Before coming to the French Consulate, make sure you have your visa for your main destination country if necessary.

Long Stay Visas

You must take an appointment with the French Consulate. ( call center (0) 87 742 2830 )
Appointments are only in the afternoon.

There are various Long Stay visas :
- Study Visa.
- If you want to work in France, there are several types of permit. Click here to get more information on professionnal immigration.

ZOOM in The new « Skills and Talents permit »

If you have skills or abilities academically or professionaly recognized, you can benefit from the new system set up by France to promote skills exchanges. The “Skills and talents” permit facilitates indeed the movement of foreign citizen who are likely to contribute in a significant and lasting way to the economic development or to the influence of France and country of origin, in intellectual, scientific, cultural, humanitarian or sports fields.
This permit, valid three years, is granted upon the presentation of a project providing benefits to both France and the country of origin. The “skills and talents permit” gives you a right to work within the field of your project and allow your family members (spouse and minor children) to stay in France. Your spouse will be issued with a “private and family life permit” allowing him/her to work.

- Documents required :
- 2 long stay visa application forms,
- 3 photographs,
- and the country of origin,
- Curriculum vitae,
- Copies of Diplomas or degrees of higher education,
- Police clearance certificate,
- Copy of your work contract in case of employment,
- Long stay visa fees (equivalent rand amount of 99€).


You need a specific visa to go to Guadeloupe, Martinique, Reunion, Guyana, New Caledonia, French Polynesia, French Southern Territories, St. Pierre and Miquelon or Mayotte.
The application form to fill is the same as the Short Stay visa for France.

Visa for countries represented by the French authorities in South Africa.

The French General Consulate is competent for issuing visas for Togo and Djibouti.

Diplomatic visa

South African people holding a diplomatic, service or official passport do not need a visa if their stay does not exceed 90 days.

Useful Information

- Proof of sufficient funds
You need to prove that you have at least 55€ available per day. If you have the "attestation d’accueil" (certificate of board and lodging), you need to prove that you have at least 30€.

- Minors
For children under 18 years old travelling alone, an authorisation form completed and signed by both parents is required. If the chlid travels only with one parent, the other parent must still produce this authorisation form. It has to be signed and stamped by a Commisionner of Oaths.
The amount of money requested for children during their trip is the same as this for adults.

- Spouse of French citizen
Visa fee is free if you bring the copy of your "Livret de Famille", the original and the copy of your marriage certificate, the original and the copy of your spouse’s passport or "carte nationale d’identité", your round trip air-ticket, and 2 recent passport-size photographs in colour.
Spouse of French citizen do not need to bring other documents, apart from the application form.

- Family members of an European Union citizen
Visa fee is free if you bring the original and the copy of your marriage certificate, the original and the copy of your spouse’s passport, your round trip air-ticket, a proof that you enter France (if you don’t go there by plane), medical insurance, and 2 recent passport-size photographs in colour.
For children, the visa fee is free until they are 21 years old. If they travel alone, the original and the copy of the Unabridged Birth Certificate is requested. The authorisation form signed by the parents is also requested.

Family members of an European Union citizen do not need to bring other documents, apart from the application form.

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